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What I Believe  


Christians In Society

Christ sent us to "share the Good News" to all the World. He meant for us to be in the World, but not of the World. Yet many Christians become caught up in the cares and worries of this World and forget to prepare for the next. Even worse, they have let their children become caught up in the World. Like Lot who went down to the cities in the valley, we too have "went down" bringing our children with us.

In order to fulfill our own ambitions, we have placed our children in day care centers with workers who either ignore or even physically abuse them. We have allowed our schools to alienate our children from our God and from us. We have brought movies that are against the law for our kids to watch downtown into our homes and laughed at the innuendos and scenes in these movies in front of our children. We have taken multiple jobs, worked late at night and on weekends, so that we can "get ahead". All the while our children are coming home on a bus that has no discipline, children smoking, taking drugs, and experimenting with sex. Yet, we "know" our kids are going to turn out "right", because they go to church once a week. We don't have time for our children, and someday they will not have time for us. Like Lot, we will wake up one day to find that we have to leave our "Gomorrah" and flee with nothing, but the clothes on our backs. And how many of our children will we leave behind to be destroyed???

James Mallonee