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The Story of the Crystal Arrowhead Sylacauga Marble Specimen

Alabama Rocks

Story of the Crystal Arrowhead

They say that your unconcious mind sorts and recognizes things much quicker than your concious mind. I had been taking the back way home instead of driving on pavement, and as I drove along the dirt road I would pass a high road cut. For about a week I had noticed a quick flash of light, like a piece of glass would give on the right bank of the cut. One afternoon as I was bringing my kids home from school, I pulled over and told my daughter Gina to get out and get "the arrowhead". Of course you can understand my kids reaction to that. But Gina got out and climbed up the side of the road cut anyway. She couldn't see it, so I had to direct her to it. Ooos and Aaaahs later, she handed it to me. An almost perfect arrowhead made out of rock crystal (clear quartz). It is now the pride of my collection.


James Mallonee