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Why Christians Should Vote

In 1996 in Los Angeles, a lawyer was running for District Attorney. He (according to Dr. Dobson from Focus on the Family) is a Christian and member of one of the local churches in the area. His campaign focused on cleaning up the city and enforcing ordinances to make Los Angeles a family friendly city again. After he lost by 2 votes to the non-Christian incumbent, he asked around in HIS church. Over 200 "Christians" had not even voted.

Christ talked about those who walk around someone lying hurt and wounded on the ground, isn't that what we are doing? We "Christians" don't even believe in our own country enough to vote.

Look at the designers of the US Constitution. How many of the 55 were Christians? 29 were Anglicans, 16 to 18 were Calvinists, 2 were Methodists, 2 were Lutherans, 2 were Roman Catholic, 1 lapsed Quaker and sometimes Anglican, and 1 open deist--Dr. Franklin who attended every kind of Christian worship, called for public prayer, and contributed to all denominations. Many of these men were ministers or deacons in their churches. These men designed the Constitution and government, which our elected officials are slowly destroying, as a "Christian" government for "Christians".

I think of it this way: If we as "Christian" citizens do not elect "Christian" leaders, we are contributing to our own downfall. We will be judged for what we do OR DO NOT DO.

God placed us in the US. Our parents and grandparents and great grandparents fought to give us freedom. But we find it too "inconvenient" to take some time to vote, or worse we vote for someone who we think will "give" us something... Supposedly the US has a majority of "Christians". We have majority rule, not minority rule. However, anyone with a cause that rejects "Christianity" seems to be able to get a candidate into office, just so long as they promise to uphold abortion "rights", Social Security, homosexual "rights", more taxes for the rich and less for the poor... In order to get a "Christian" into the office of President, we would have to get "Christians" elected in the local community first so they could move up into positions of leadership... However, that will never happen if we do not even vote.

I have heard just about every excuse for not voting you could think of. My mother-in-law simply never takes the time to register or to vote. Her main excuse is "it doesn't matter anyway". She acts proud because SHE didn't vote for Clinton... Hmmm... Guess it doesn't... I mean, that's what the German's said. "It doesn't matter anyway, I can't change anything". When Hitler was sending his bullies out to harass the Jews... "It doesn't matter anyway, besides it's just the Jews". When they began rounding the Jews up... "It doesn't matter anyway, so long as they leave me alone". When the Americans were freeing the concentration camp prisoners, "it doesn't matter anyway, I didn't know anything about it".

I just hope that when the US government goes around to collect the Christians... that they still say "it doesn't matter..."

Hitler knew that Christians just wanted to be left alone and wouldn't bother his government. He started slowly, a few things here, a few there, playing upon national pride and Germany's prejudices. Just like a frog in a pot...

The water is cold when the frog is put in. Frogs are cold blooded, they can't feel gradual temperature changes. The water is slowly warmed up. Before the frog realizes it, the frog is cooked.

By the time Hitler was ready to move on the Christians in Germany, the frog was already cooked.

Focus on the Family produced a radio play based on this, check out their web site for "The Price of Freedom".

Isn't it the same here in the USA? Remove prayer from the schools. Federalize everything. Lower school standards across the board. Criminalize speech that isn't "politically correct". Alienate children from their parents. Confiscate guns. Make certain classes of people "non-human" and thus not protected by the Constitution or law. What's next? Can't you tell?

Our nation has had many blessings. God expects certain things from nations that he blesses. Maybe my mother-in-law had better change her attitude, before the government knocks on her door.

James Mallonee Student of History and Politics

James Mallonee