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Who Am I? Mom at Hank Williams Memorial

Who Am I?

My Mom

My Mom, Jeanette, is the person that I credit for my faith. I tell people that I had a drug problem when I was a kid and they get sympathetic. My Mom drug me to church. Every Sunday morning, many Sunday evenings, and a lot of Wednesday evenings.

I look at some of my friends from school and work and shudder to think that "there but for the grace of God go I". It really is true.

Mom kept us going as a family when everything seemed about to fall apart. I sometimes wonder how she did it, but I know a lot of it was because she was on her knees praying for us kids. For the most part we turned out pretty good. Some of us have gone down some pretty dark roads before finding our way home.

I am still praying for my Dad though. He needs to quit thinking he can do it on his own and turn his life over to someone greater than him.

James Mallonee