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What I Believe  


What I Believe

The sun shines on the window sill.
Dust motes dance in the beam.
The same light fell two thousand years ago
On the day He was crucified.

He was born on a day we call Christmas
In remembrance of Him.
He died and rose again
So that men might not die in sin.

For 30 years He lived as a carpenters son.
A poor man was He.
As the Christ He walked for only a short time,
But they overshadow all other things here.

Adam sinned in the garden,
And so man was born in sin.
Jesus died on a cross,
And freed us from our sin.

Jesus died and rose again

For he is the Alpha and Omega
The beginning and the end
I trust in Him with all I have
or ever will hold.

By James Mallonee

James Mallonee